Innovative Engineered Solutions

Engineering & Automation, Software Development, Verification & Validation and Innovative Products

Process Automation GlobeEngineering & Automation
Designing and implementing solutions for customer needs.
Software Development PackageSoftware Development let our team develop high quality, turn-key solutions cost effectively for you.
Compliance Check Mark IconVerification & Validation testing to ensure compliance with customer expectations and/or regulatory requirements.
Innovative Software Products StoreInnovative Products Achieve efficiencies with rapid ROI using our controllers and workflow offerings.


For anyone that wants to add real BPM and workflow into their system at an affordable price I would highly recommend cDevWorkflow – we really made the right move.
Jeff Russell, GeniusHR
We recently made the upgrade from Invensys-Skelta to cDevWorkflow and the results have been great. The move to cDevWorkflow has made our Change Notice System faster, more efficient as well as meet all our needs.
Joseph Eble, Regulatory Affairs Associate
The world’s best. This next generation workflow software is for companies looking for well supported, expertly designed and easy to use, BPM solutions at competitive prices.
Dan Tyre, Hubspot

Solutions That Work

What do you need?

  • What are your business needs?
  • What ROI is required?
  • What are your timelines?
  • Integrating with existing infrastructure?
Most powerful and flexible software available

  • Design solution with ROI in mind
  • Ensure maintainabie
  • Work with your existing systems
Fastest ROI among similar products

  • Base solutions on ROI
  • Measure actual performance
  • Verify against defined success criteria

Why Choose Innovative Process Solutions

  • People: professional and experienced engineers, developers and project managers
  • Systems & Tools: Productivity tools accelerate delivery and ensure quality outcomes
  • Quality: proven processes and systems result in highest quality
  • Cost: our project costs are lower because our systems and people are industry best